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Hello, you are on my the web-site.

Website creation is one of the important stages in building and developing your successful business. After all, it allows him to attract new customers, increase sales and make a statement. In my works, I use adaptive desingn, as I consider it convenient to use not only on PC, but also on mobile devices, which is not unimportant today, and not bad to add dynamism (photo galleries, animation effects, transitions from one state to another ...) the arsenal to make the site not "gray" is huge. Sample and gray designs are unlikely to attract and retain visitors. And an important role in the perception of the site is its interactivity. Translated from English, interactivity means interaction. Attractive websites are distinguished by really high-quality and relevant information for the visitor, or by providing a unique service that is not found anywhere else.

On the Internet you can find many services offering to quickly create a website on their platform, There are of course its pros and cons.

I offer my services to create exactly your independent, individual site that you can develop, improve as soon as your imagination and capabilities allow.

Code(HTML5, CSS3, js) I'm writing.


Validity and semantic

When developing, I find the most appropriate ways of layout depending on task


Adaptive layout

Adaptive layout for tablets and mobile devices


Cross-browser compatibility

Correct display in all browsers


HTML, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap

Use of new layout technologies


Layout fixes

Edit layout on existing sites



The code will be executed with high quality and on time! I take work that I can Qualitatively perform

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Lotos alt="Site Lotos

Site Lotos

Description of work

auto-site alt="Car service website

Car service website

Description of work

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Mobile Salon website

Description of work

lonking alt="Lonking site

Lonking site

Description of work





Not big news.



Developers with experience are probably not worth explaining what lorem is and how this fish are eating. Beginners will be useful to know that the "fish" is not only text, but it is also possible to add and img.

There are resources with the help of which it is possible to add img with settings to the layout Lorem.


SVG animation

Svg animation, This article describes in detail how to align download performance using an animated SVG loader on pure CSS without using js.


SVG icons

Svg icons - a set of open source system symbols, developed by specifically for designers and developers. All icons are free for personal and commercial use. Not a bad set of icons.

SVG icons.

3D Frame Illustrator

A free tool for artists and designers to generate framed images in 3D.

3D Frame Illustrator Generate framed images in 3D. A free tool for artists and designers to show off your work, made with by Level Frames. Upload an image, choose a frame style, and download a high-resolution framed image that you can use anywhere. 3D Frame Illustrator


Free Font: Victor Mono

Victor Mono is a programming font with semi-connected cursive italics and some symbol ligatures.Interesting font. Free Font: Victor Mono


Tailwind CSS framework.

Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework that gives you all of the building blocks you need to build bespoke designs without any annoying opinionated styles you have to fight to override. Instead of opinionated predesigned components, Tailwind provides low-level utility classes that let you build completely custom designs without ever leaving your HTML. I looked at the documentation, it somehow reminds bootstrap, in work I did not use it, I think in one of the projects to see how it works. Tailwind CSS framework


IMGBIN free pictures.

Get unlimited access to millions of free transparent PNG files created by designers, for designers. This is the largest base of transparent high-definition PNG images I’ve met, 7,698,462 free PNG images for download. It is possible to choose by color and by category. IMGBIN free pictures


Lunar Popup.

With the Magnific Popup everyone is familiar. I want to provide another Lunar Popup product, beautifully designed and animated popup popup windows, encoded in html / css, animated and ready to use, absolutely free. Lunar Popup


CSS Grid.

CSS Grid, there are many sites that describe, teach and explain the subtleties of using this technology layout. Met and css grid code generators Recently I met another resource; its author suggests his approach in solving an adaptive layout without media queries using the new min () function. The min (), max () functions are really powerful tools that allow us to switch between values in real time depending on container size. CSS Grid


Lazy load embedded YouTube videos.

When you embed YouTube videos on your site, other download requests arise during playback, and that’s significantly complicates the work, especially mobile gadgets. Arthur Corenzan offers a solution to this problem with the srcdoc attribute. The article describes a detailed solution with a code, you can configure what will load and what features to enable, disable. Lazy load embedded YouTube videos


Adaptive loading img.

In the layout of the site difficulties create images. To become where necessary, we respected adaptability. When there are several, the problem is solved. What to do when are there many different sizes? You can’t do without js. There is a solution for creating a horizontal masonry grid using css. The bonus is LazyLoad. Adaptive loading img



A ready-made collection of patterns, Scottish patterns prepared for use in PNG and SVG format. Tartanify.


Tiny Helpers.

On this site, it's easy to find a collection of useful free online tools for web developers ..., created by Stefan Judis. Tiny Helpers.

Code editor

The editor is the first thing you need to start creating web page. There are many free and paid editors, and choose one of them. Can be a daunting task. At one time I also had the same question as which editor to choose? I started like everything with Notepad++ , at first glance it is very simple, but it is one of the most complex and at the same time easy to use editors. Not a bad editor, with proper setup you can work.

Next was Brackets, easy to use and has many extensions improving it functionality. A good editor, there are many interesting and useful plugins that improve and facilitate the work. But modernity had to be abandoned, one of the main reasons this began to hang and slow down with large amounts of code. Maybe this problem now solved (not tested), but at the time it interfered with the work.

Next was Sublime Text 3 , has a free and premium version. Он не только легковесный и очень шустрый в работе, но также и расширяемый. There are a lot of plugins. From Sublime Text 3 had to be abandoned after the update. Did not work Sass.

Now I have three editors installed. I use them for different tasks. Sublime Text 3 - I look through the code in it or if I need to make any changes in the code. Atom i use only for the "server" . FTP is quickly and well tuned, it works without failures (good connection, data transfer is fast). The main editor is Visual Studio Codein the basic version contains a large number of plugins. For example, the console, emmet and mini-map are present from the very beginning. He is reliable, starts up a bit slowly. Although after the launch it works quite fast, handles multiple tasks simultaneously. In my work I use Gulp and what's in the editor. there is a terminal is a big plus. Excellent editor, often updated, it is clear that the developers have not abandoned their product. For , I'll keep writing. There will be questions write.

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